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This Full Moon Is Just Perfect To Say Goodbye...

Usually I don’t pay too much attention to the astrological predictions, but somehow a few important people who happened to be also my friends, and who understand astrology on an impressively deep level, brought my focus to today’s Full Flower Moon in Scorpio, connected also to the Lunar Eclipse.

Whaaaaat? What is that, and why is that important?

Well, essentially - because it is the auspicious time to let go of something, and it is the perfect moment for a great release.

Listening and reading some of those interesting interpretations of my friends and their teachers - I felt challenged. Challenged but inspired. What should I let go of?

Hmmmm, it is time - I thought after a while - and I have been getting ready for this moment for the past 3 years. Letting go is not that easy for me, but hey, why not to jump in if the Universe calls you, right?


On this auspicious occasion I want to make it official: after 14 beautiful years of my adventure with Trimurti Yoga I have decided to leave the management. It is time to close this chapter, and take another turn.

(Silence, shock, retention of the breath. It is ok, I understand.)

Ufff, ok, finally I said that out loud.


Before you will start asking why (and don’t worry, I will cover it in just a second) - firstly, I want to express my deepest gratitude for this project. For each of you, for India, for my Indian family, for Ajay, for all our teachers and workers, for Uttam, for the unbelievable past, for all the ups and downs…

Trimurti Yoga has been definitely the project of my life so far!

Let’s recall a few important facts here…

As a bit crazy 25 years old, blond Polish girl, I was totally disappointed with Polish theatre for which I was working at that time. In 2009 I just literally packed my bags, and flew for a short holidays connected with a date with this nice Indian guy who I met online. (Yes, it was Ajay if you don’t follow my “Polish Hinglish”…).

We had great conversations about life, love, meditation, humanity, Osho… so I flew to Goa for a week to take a break from life, and to think what I want to do next. Ajay helped me to figure that out.

I came back from India totally in love with the full package - with an Indian man, with Indian Ocean, with South Goa, India, food, with my sweet escape…

Our love was stronger than my insecurities, so I quit my job, completed my unfinished theatre projects, and in March 2010 I was back to India, not knowing what we are doing, actually.

My passion for yoga played a big part in this all. When I heard he was from Pune - the city of one of my most important yoga teachers BKS Iyengar - wow, I thought it was a sign.

After a few months of travelling we met Ajay’s friend who was looking for someone to help him with Yoga Teacher Trainings. I loved yoga, I loved teaching, I made a good research, and here we were - we created the first Yoga project, at that time known as Bodhi Tree Yoga International.

Long story short - after 2 years I knew I needed to get rid of our business partner. We didn’t share the same views on our project. He seemed to be more interested in women than in Patanjali’s yoga sutras (and I don’t blame him for that), so I knew I had to go further.

We opened Trimurti Yoga in 2011. Ajay found this sweet spot in Agonda - the village where we met at first. We were only two, but we had an amazing support of our families and friends: Ajay’s Mother (Indian women have this amazing power, you know…), my Brother, our friends, and of course - the Universe.

I wanted to bring people from all over the globe to this crazy corner of the world - to make them experience what I did - on and off the mat. Maybe just in a bit safer and more easy environment - including lactose-free milk, pharmacies around, and the consciousness of diversity.

I don’t know how to explain these beautiful 14 years in a few paragraphs. Marketing experts say we should write blogs for less than 1000 words these days. WTF…. Well, maybe they are right after all - the essence is important.

So, let’s make it essential:

1. I want to thank every person, every student, every teacher for co-creating and contributing to this project. While it grew up to the beautiful international project and can be managed without my presence, for me it is time to take another turn. I will be still teaching yoga, training teachers and working with many beautiful people from all over the world, but in a bit new way, my way.

2. This decision has been hard to take, but at the same time it feels natural.

Yoga teaches us not to get too attached, and I think it is an important lesson.

My marriage with Ajay ended in 2019, and it took me a while to accept that, but at the same time the healing journey has been amazing. I learnt a lot. In 2020 I met my new partner, with whom I spent this crazy and interesting time of the global pandemic.

I moved to Italy, started teaching online... Soon I understood clearly: I want to stay here in Europe, I want to live and work here. I want to have family and nest. Maya is getting older...

The management of international huge projects requires close cooperation, and I feel I am at the moment pretty far from my partners - both physically and mentally. Also, with my total honesty - I want to focus in my yoga career on slightly (not entirely, but slightly) different things. I want to dedicate my time to my own signature courses, focused on INCLUSION, YOGA THERAPY and MENTORING. I want to work online as I want to have home and family. I am too old and too tired for such a nomadic life as I used to have.

3. Trimurti Yoga is in great hands.

Many of our teachers are our graduates. I trained a great team to carry on and educate people in a field of Yoga with the respect for Indian tradition and Western knowledge.

I will always have a special spot in my heart for Trimurti: for the logo made by my beautiful friend Alicja, all the programs which I created out of my personal experience and needs, all the teachers and team members that I was privileged to meet and build connections to, all the moments and memories, all the students, even those difficult.

4. I gained some amazing friendships, and I am sure they will last forever - Beryl, Chantel, Bruna, Simone, Patrizia, Agata, Magda, Peepu - to name just a few… and then, there is a bunch of connections that I have all over the world which - even though we don’t meet or talk on daily basis - are deep and strong. I cannot name all of you here, cause nobody will read so many words for sure. But you know who you are.

5. Many years ago I chose Trimurti as our name, because I love the significance behind this beautiful symbol. Everything in this world has its beginning, life, and then also the end. This makes it a full cycle, a whole, a completion… After an amazing beginning, and truly fascinating 14 years of my life - for me it is time to close this chapter. Let's make this closure beautiful and happy. The end is new beginning though, so don’t be sad or angry. I am not going anywhere just yet!

6. While preparing this post I watched many pictures and videos from the past several years, and I really want to share with you this one. It was made by Aldara Marcos (R.I.P) - a beautiful Angel who sadly passed away recently, but helped me a lot when I needed it the most. It is pretty old (you can say by my not wrinkled face), but it is beautiful.

This is how I will always remember my first and beloved baby - Trimurti Yoga, who grew up so beautifully... and I hope it will shine like a star - whether in Germany, Bali, India, or anywhere else. I feel fulfilled and peaceful. It is time to go, and have other "babies" too.

Thank you All, Love you All

Om, Peace, Peace, Peace.

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