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While teaching yoga and training yoga teachers for the past 12 years I never had time to publish my classes, lectures, articles or research, but it is high time to do so!


I have so much to share with you as my experience allowed me to meet many wonderful yogis from all over the world!


People with very inspiring backgrounds - doctors, psychologists, social workers or physiotherapists - who taught me their scientific perspectives on yoga; people with various diseases and struggles - who taught me a lot about yoga as health support and their individual experience;  artists who brought to yoga a lot of creativity and fun, people from business background who came to yoga for launching their commercial careers… And on the other hand - true traditional yogis from India living like ancient yogis from thousands years back… I feel so full and fulfilled that in order to get back some space I feel like sharing it all with you!


Partly I do it in my classes and courses, but then there is no much space for describing interesting case studies, going into deep details, or sharing all interesting stories - blog is the space for that!


This blog is not only about yoga, but also about health, mental health, healthy lifestyle, relationships, and everything that I can share from my own experience.

If you are looking for support, mindful life, happiness (aren’t we all?) - subscribe to my community to stay updated!

Welcome to Yoga with Karo's Blog


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