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As a Highly Sensitive Person I felt a bit “strange” since childhood, and this brought me to a deep interest in a human mind, nervous system, emotional health, and body-mind connection. Due to my diabetes I had to study physiology, and later on, mostly in India, I discovered many therapeutic tools that yoga offers for diabetes and other contemporary diseases and disorders. 

I totally changed my life, and dedicated it to a yogic research.


When I started practicing Yoga I was fascinated not only by its influence on my body (by the way pretty incredible as I reduced my daily dosage of insulin by one third), but also by yoga philosophy, ancient scriptures and yogic lifestyle. 

In 2009 I took a break from life, and went to India. This journey had extended, and from a short holiday I stayed in India for the next 8,5 years.


In 2010 with my husband Ajay I set up my yoga school in a small village in South Goa at the Arabian Sea, and later in Dharamsala, in the Himalayas. Today you can find Trimurti Yoga - the school I co-founded and have been running till today - also in Bali, Ecuador, New Zealand and Germany.


For all these years teaching yoga and training yoga teachers I also managed to study Ayurveda with three beautiful local doctors, who inspired me to add Ayurveda to my life, and to my teaching. I also managed to study Traditional Chinese Medicine and Qi-gong, I made a huge research on Yoga Therapy, which is the most important part of my work - mostly for personal reasons. Yoga gave me a second chance - my new life is definitely not free from worries, problems and challenges, but I feel like a completely different person today, and that’s why I decided to assist in this tourney to others.


I truly love and educate myself in psychology and neuroscience. 

I specialise in yoga as a health support and prenatal/postnatal yoga. At my work I use mostly yin and restorative yoga, gentle vinyasa flow, hatha yoga, qi-gong, but during our Yoga TTC I teach also teaching methodology, functional anatomy, sound healing, and meditation.


I work at the crossroads of yoga, dance and theatre, adding my psychological and medical knowledge - to facilitate others in their holistic self-growth process.

I feel like a completely different person today, and that’s why I decided to assist in this journey to others.



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