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Yoga means different things to different people. For some it is a nice stretching, for others - spiritual path towards enlightenment. And, of course, there are many possible definitions ‘in-between’. I strongly believe you should have your own. 

In fact, I can help you to find it!

What is really important - yoga has a lot to offer: on the physical, mental, emotional and even spiritual level. It is entirely up to you which type of yoga you will practice - depending on what you need, what you want, how your body and mind feel at the moment, what you are ready for. 


Each of us can find different styles beneficial or harmful, each of us can choose different techniques, different methods and different teachers. I think there is no ‘better’ or ‘worse’ yoga - it is just about what is right for you. Oh, and let’s remember that we can always change on the way - while I started my practice with a rigid method of Iyengar, today I specialise in gentle and totally opposite Yin. 

20 years of my practice changed completely my body, my self-awareness, my needs and choices.


Training people from all over the world for the past 12 years, in every single person I have seen a potential for becoming a beautiful teacher - but each class would be always different, unique, special. Ingredients may be the same, sequences can be similar, but the narration, teaching voice, intention and energy of the class (yes, we yoga teachers speak a lot about energy) will always stay unique. And that’s what I love the most.


A good yoga session can be a powerful physical challenge that will strengthen your body, but it can be also a soft, meditative and deep inner journey.


It can be a sensual ritual with blankets, candles and music, and another time - a raw and disciplined silent sequence training just different aspects in us. The potential expands exponentially, the possibilities are limitless.


So, why yoga? Cause it has a power. Cause it is a very old and effective science. Of course, if we practice what is good for us, and not everything is good for everybody.

Whatever your definition is - yoga has many tools, techniques and practices that can help you in your own individual growth. If you need to work on your physical body, posture, or back pain - there are asanas that may improve that. If you want to work with the patterns of your mind or emotional balance - there are also techniques that help to work with them. If you want to improve your hormonal system - yes, there are types of yoga focused on supporting your physiology. And if you rather need a moving meditation - I can show you your options here either…The key is to find your needs, and then practices that respond to them. Maybe yoga cannot be an ultimate answer to all our questions, but it can improve our life. This I can promise.

Yogi - a male practitioner of Yoga

Yogini - a female practitioner of Yoga