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In 2010, after one year of travelling through India and visiting various yoga schools, ashrams and institutes I designed a Yoga Teacher Training Course that - in my eyes - was truly missing. 

At that time I had already a solid 10-year yoga experience, but never before got an  opportunity to learn directly from Indian masters, “real yogis” - legendary teachers, born and brought in the motherland of yoga, famous all over the world. I was very very excited!

Many schools and teachers that I visited were beautiful and definitely gave me a lot of knowledge and understanding. I still remember some of their words of wisdom that deeply penetrated my mind and my soul. With many I am still in touch - we talk sometimes exchanging our opinions about yoga, about life, about teaching… But at the same time some of their points of view, especially on how to teach yoga seemed to me too dogmatic, too narrow. I missed teaching methodology. 


Before I moved to India I was working for a few years as a theatre pedagogue - I worked with socially excluded people with Down Syndrome, schizophrenia, with underprivileged teenagers and seniors. One thing that all these experiences taught me was that everybody is different. Everyone has a very special inner universe of emotions, ideas, imagination, dreams, expressions and needs. Of course, in essence - we are all one, but when it comes to more practical aspects - our physical body, our anatomy and physiology, our sensitivity/ nervous system/ perception - we differ a lot. For someone like me, who is a teacher with passion and a big faith in education, it means that in order to realise everyone’s potential we need different methodologies, customised tools. I am a very big fan of neurodiversity, bio-individuality and all other paradigms that acknowledge our specific needs.

When we use a dogma or too tight “norms” we can easily become ‘exclusive’, and yoga , in contrary, should be absolutely ‘inclusive’. At least that’s the way I feel. My programs include everyone.

My programs include everyone