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PRENATAL YOGA ZONE includes materials and offers for pregnant women practicing yoga and those who want to teach prenatal yoga

  • Why prenatal yoga?

  • Prenatal Yoga Teacher Training Course

  • Online Prenatal Yoga TTC

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Why prenata yoga?


Pregnancy is a special time for every woman, and it deserves special attention and care. 

Yoga offers a lot of supportive tools and techniques, such as: 

  • breathing (both energising and relaxing)

  • gentle movement

  • mindful stretching

  • relaxation techniques 

  • mental & emotional support;


We need to remember that prenatal yoga practice needs to be properly modified for both a woman and her baby - to bring them the best benefits.

In prenatal yoga practice we exclude exercise that are potentially uncomfortable and dangerous: deep twists, lying on the abdomen, core asanas, etc. We slightly change the pace and the proportion of the practice - yang is more available and a bit slower, yin is more nourishing, but we also don’t hold poses for too long - stagnation is not the best option for mums-to-be, especially in the last part of their pregnancies. We want to customise prenatal class in a way that everything is super safe, and moreover - beneficial. Yoga can counterbalance challenging parts of the pregnancy, not to mention the supportive preparation for the labor. 

Gentle & regular yoga practice can:

  • reduce nausea

  • improve the digestive and circulatory systems

  • moderate the hormonal rollercoaster

  • ease up aches and discomforts

  • support the parasympathetic nervous system

  • improve physiology and functioning of organs

  • improve the posture

  • reduce stress and anxiety


Every pregnancy is different, but there are important general rules for prenatal yoga practice - to learn them all apply to our Prenatal Yoga TTC! Now available online.