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This 300-hour Yoga Teacher Training Course

is an advanced, second level course designed to improve not only your personal yoga practice, but also your yoga teaching skills.

The course consists of 4 main parts:






The future of Yoga belongs to the integration of disciplines: merging East and West, traditional and innovative, holistic and scientific. In this course you will learn all 4 pillars that are the foundations of traditional and modern yoga therapy, and will allow you to create safe and beneficial yoga programs for people with different health conditions.

This TTC is dedicated to all the graduates of 200-hour Yoga TTC from all over the world, from all yoga styles and traditions, even to those of you who didn’t have much opportunity to teach or don't teach at all!



The main aim of this comprehensive Yoga Teacher Training Course is to prepare you for being a truly competent and professional yoga teacher. After this 300-hrs Yoga TTC you will be able to design safe, beneficial and inspiring classes suitable for all-level students with different health challenges and needs.

If you are a graduate of 200-hrs Yoga TTC, and you want to upgrade your knowledge - this program is for you! The course is based on traditional and modern Hatha Yoga, Vinyasa Flow & Yin, and focuses on yoga beyond the labels. You will get trained in composing transformative yoga programs and classes suitable for clients in various health conditions.

This course is a great preparation for Yoga Therapy course.


The course is divided into 4 parts:

1. 5 ELEMENTS & AYURVEDA in the context of Yoga & Yoga as Health Support

2. TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE in the context of Yoga & Yin Yoga

3. MODERN APPROACH & CASE STUDIES - how yoga can support therapies

4. FUNCTIONAL ANATOMY & TEACHING METHODOLOGY - how to be a better yoga teacher and coach


We will discuss traditional and modern aspects of yoga therapeutic approach and we will focus on practical case studies dedicated to the chosen modern and common health issues: e.g. depression, obesity, back pain, arthritis, anxiety, diabetes, ADHD, thyroid disorders.



You will get trained in several aspects of Yoga, starting from asanas, pranayama & meditation

techniques, through the art of composing yoga classes, to the anatomy and philosophy, with an

accent on teaching practicum and teaching methodology. The theory is only valid when we can

apply it into our real life! 

The program is full of practical tools, not only improving your teaching per se, but also covering new areas: how to teach online, how to plan your career, how to build your marketing strategy, etc.


As our groups are small you will get my full attention and availability, you will be able to ask all your questions, and you will have an opportunity to really improve your teaching skills. I give each of my students my personal care and constant feedback.


Yoga today is a great support for our health and mental health, even for those of us who suffer from various diseases and imbalances. Myself I have been living with the autoimmune disorder for the past 25 years, and yoga literally saved my life!


My aim is to prepare you for being a competent, compassionate and self-confident Yoga Teacher who is able to customise a class to every client, even to the most challenging ones,

and for those with special needs and health issues.

I will be your main trainer & mentor during this program, and I will be holding your hand every step on the way to the top! My name is Karo Krawczyk-Sharma, and I am the co-founder of Trimurti Yoga International. I specialise in yoga as therapy, having for past several years many clients with serious diseases and conditions, e.g. cancer, depression, diabetes, thyroid problems, bi-polar disorder, obesity.


It is a second level of training which allows you to deepen your teaching yoga profession

and become an expert in many styles and for many different customers.

Through Trimurti Yoga’s 300-hour teacher training program, you can become a Registered

Senior Yoga Teacher (RYT 500) with Yoga Alliance.

Pre-requisite! This program is designed for yoga teachers and 200 Yoga TTC graduates

(RYT 200) with minimum 100 hours of teaching experience. If you don't have an experience - please contact us directly before your booking, we will help you to fill up this gap at least a bit!


This is an intensive and advanced yoga course for all those who want to deepen their yoga

practice and teaching, for those who want to get to know more details on Yoga, Ayurveda and Chinese Medicine sciences, functional yoga anatomy, teaching methodology, art of sequencing, and who want to understand the influence of asana practice on the human

composing special classes for special clients.


Following topics are covered in this program:

Multi-Style Asana Classes inspired by 5-elemental yoga in YANG (Ashtanga, Vinyasa,

Power, Hatha) and YIN yoga styles (Gentle Hatha, Yin, Restorative, gentle flow with Chi-


[Multi-style Yin &Yang Yoga gives the experience of different practices, different energies, different

intensities, different benefits, and gives a wider perspective on yoga!]

Theory of 5 elements based on Ayurveda & TCM Sciences

Yoga practices dedicated to each element, including asanas, pranayama, meditation for

each element.

Functional Anatomy 

Adjustments and alignment - review & principles in the context of bio-diversity

Basic yoga therapy - yoga for health support + case studies

Yoga Philosophy, Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers:

Essence of Yoga – history, definitions, modes, contemporary meaning

Historical and cultural background of Yoga & 5 Elements

Cultural Appropriation - challenges and solutions

How can we apply Yoga philosophy in the contemporary lifestyle?

Ethics for yoga teachers

Values and meaning of being Yogi/Yogini

Yogic daily routine: principles of diet, meaning of practice and essence of lifestyle

Guided group discussion about basic philosophical issues related to yoga

New Yoga directions & possibilities: neurodiversity & trauma-Informed Yoga

Business aspects of teaching yoga



Practice of teaching (with trainer's facilitation):

In pairs

In small groups

In a big group

Running a real class 

Practical exam of teaching

Feedback – receiving & giving


Your Schedule:

Every Saturday & Sunday (10 weekends starting on the 28th January 2023)

8:00 - 9:30 Asana Practice (YANG)

9:30 - 10:30 Breakfast Break

10:30 - 11:45 Lecture/ Workshop 1

12:00 - 13:00 Lecture/Workshop 2

13:00 - 14:30 Lunch Break

14:30 - 16:00 Asana Practice (YIN)

We will meet on ZOOM & in case if you cannot be present in the class - you will get the recording. The access to the recordings will be granted for 12 months, so if you cannot complete the training in the planned 10-weekend frame - you will have a year to fill up the gaps, deliver your homework & final teaching practicum.

In case of missing more than 3 weekends - we will arrange  a special additional mentoring sessions with me:-)


28.01.2023 - 02.04.2023 (10 weekends)


I understand that the world after the last few years can be a tricky place. I understand you may have the financial turbulences. That's why I prepared a few flexible options and scaled pricing.

So, first of all you need to choose which price is adequate to your present situation:

OPTION 1: Supported Ticket for those of you who don't have a financial stability right now: 790 € 

OPTION 2: Fair Ticket, the regular price for those of you who have a regular situation: 890 € 

OPTION 3: Patron Ticket, for those of you who have a stable and solid financial situation, and want to support others - from this ticket 60 € will be dedicated to people who choose "supported ticket" to equalise it, and make it more fair for everyone: 950 €


AND... You can pay in 3, 6 or even 12 installments!

For up to 3 installments you don't needy to pay anything extra, so you just divide a chosen price into 2 or 3. If you would like to pay in more than 3 installments - you need to add 5% to the basic price, e.g. 790 € in 12 instalments = 69 € per month (instalments will cost 40 €)

       890 € in 6 instalments = 155 € per month (instalments will cost 44,5 €)

Please let me know which option is the best for you - I will prepare the agreement. It is that simple!


Please notice that clicking on the automatic payment PayPal will charge you around 20 € of the service charges - in case to avoid it please use the bank transfer instead:

BANK DETAILS (payments only in €!:

Yoga Mandala Karolina Krawczyk

Z. Pawlaczyka 38 N, 02-797 Warsaw, Poland

Account Number: (IBAN) PL 98 1140 2004 0000 3112 0384 8090


Bank: mBank, ul. Prosta 18, 00-850 Warsaw, Poland

Title of the transfer: Your name & chosen course


300-hrs Yoga Alliance Registered TTC focused on and structured around 5 Elements from Ayurveda & TCM traditions. This TTC is dedicated to graduates of 200-hrs TTC and those of you interested in the foundations of yoga therapy.
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