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Before I became a yoga teacher I tried many things: I was a musician,  I was a science teacher for preschool kids, then I worked as a theatre pedagogue and meanwhile as a journalist. Teaching yoga is my longest commitment so far, but it includes all the other jobs too! I play and compose the music for my classes, I use art, dance and creativity in my training courses,  I do teach quite a bit of science (anatomy & physiology), and I write a lot.




In all my projects I always wanted to talk about values: to fight for a better and more conscious world, to educate - myself and others - about important aspects of life. Asking difficult questions, and finding together the answers. Thinking, and discussing. Analysing, and testing. Exploring and growing through it.

I feel this opportunity exists in many fields, but only Yoga gave me so much space for the values and the growth - of myself, and of others.


Yoga is a way of life, so in order to understand it deeply, and apply it into my daily life (and then to share it with others) - I had to deal with the most essential and meaningful topics: who we are, what is the sense of life, what is our true nature, what is ethical, what is happiness, etc…

I have been trying to find the answers studying ancient Vedas in ashrams of India, studying philosophy and anthropology of culture in Theatre Academy in Poland, reading psychological books on the planes while flying between India, Bali, New Zealand and Europe, or talking to hundreds people that I trained in the last decade. 

I still keep on learning how to be a ‘better’ person, a ‘better’ teacher, how to facilitate others to be ‘better‘ too (or at least how to make them feel better), and how to help the world to be a better place for us all. 


What I really love about my job is that I can discuss, analyse, think of, meditate on… VALUES! And I can do it TOGETHER with others. 

Yoga students love these discussions as much as I do, and sometimes we have the best conversations that can uplift us, help us, challenge us, or show us new perspectives.



Values are important. I see a yoga teaching profession as much more than just a business model or a career path. I do believe yoga teachers (and teachers in general) touch our hearts, inspire our minds, and bring the light of wisdom. At least I believe they should.

I know that teaching yoga is not only showing some poses for better digestion or tight hamstrings, even though it is important too. Everything is important. 

I do believe that each of us has to discuss the values, the essence of life, and that we all are responsible for the world, which we can have an impact on. 

In order to feel better, be better, do better - we need to come back to the foundations, and for me foundations are in our VALUES.


If these words resonate with you - please join my community, meet your tribe, and express yourself. We can be different, and have different opinions: that’s our right, and that’s beautiful. But we need to share and exchange - in order to grow, find solutions and run a conscious and responsible lives. 

 Karo with her students in India

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