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Individually designed class focused on your needs, preferences and health condition designed by Karo.

If you want to find and compose a proper yoga practice for yourself you are welcome to book an individual session with me. You will get the questionnaire which will allow me to understand you and your needs a bit better (perhaps I will  also have to ask you a few additional question in person/ on the phone), and I will compose a class or - if you want - a full yoga program for you. 


If you choose to practice the sequence that I will prepare for you by yourself at home - you will simply get yoga class templates or recordings. 

If you prefer - I will teach them for you LIVE / on ZOOM;


I would like to invite for individual meetings especially those of you who have some particular health issues - perhaps a regular group yoga class don’t give you enough space and attention, so we will have a look a bit deeper into your individual case, challenges and preferences. 


Book 1, 3 or 5 individual sessions here:

  • 1 session (1,5 hour/each) 70 €

  • 3 sessions 180 €

  • 5 sessions 250 €


Special offer:

  • Individual session + 5 templates for your personal yoga practice = 120 €

  • Individual session + 3 templates for your personal practice = 100 €

  • Individual session + 3 recordings = 140 €

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