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90-days individual yoga therapy coaching online 


This 3-month personalised journey together is dedicated to all of you who deal with something that truly disturbs you, and you are ready to change it. It can be a physical imbalance, chronic disease, emotional wound, grief, loss, vulnerable time...

I specialise in a yoga therapy, and I treat yoga seriously. I've created Yogic Science-Based Therapy Program to facilitate your real transformation. I believe in the healing power of yoga that I not only experienced myself (living over 25 years with type 1 diabetes), but also while guiding therapeutic yoga programs for others: I work with people with cancer, anxiety, metabolic disorders, autoimmune diseases, pre- and postnatal time, heartbreak & divorce, miscarriage... and it always amazes me how powerful yoga is!


We will work together for minimum 90 days during which we will carefully select and customise your Yoga practice - nice and easy - adding the elements of Ayurveda, Traditional Chinese Medicine and a few great tools from the modern science, mindfulness and psychology that I am really passionate about! 


During the entire process you will be assisted by my coaching to re-structure your patterns, habits and lifestyle. Are you ready to transform your life and reclaim your powers?

Yoga has changed my life, and it can change yours, just let me hold your hand and take you there.

You can have a better life, better health and a bigger joy!

The first one-your session is free. During this meeting we will map your needs and plan the strategy.

Book your call today or share this offer with someone who may need this program!



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