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Mentorship program - 1 hour session

Mentorship program - 1 hour session



At certain point, despite all the courses that we’ve made and all the experience that we’ve got - we need some fresh perspective.


As we grow as teachers and are prone to a repetitive routine, stagnation, and even burn-out - it is good to talk to someone experienced who would help us in our professional development, but also would just check on us - our balance, challenges, and potential spaces to improve. Working with people, often coming to a yoga class with their emotions or even traumas - can cost us a lot, especially that many yoga teachers are highly sensitive people. Self-care and constant growth are extremely important elements of our profession in order to stay authentic, inspired and satisfied.


I have been running individual mentoring program for the past few years.

Yoga teachers come to meet me because they:

  • need to consult a very concrete challenge that they face (burn-out, conflict, confusion, difficult client, client’s health issue, technical matter)
  • feel stagnant, blocked or empty - they need some inspiration or guidance to keep on enjoying their classes the way they used to
  • feel ready to learn a new style, but they are not sure what would be suitable for them
  • see the space for their growth, but cannot find the proper direction
  • have some personal questions - e.g. how to compose their self-practice, how to deal with their students
  • while working with people got triggered or upset
  • feel stagnant with their business, brand or marketing issues
  • want to get my feedback
  • want to start teaching yoga, create Social Media Profile or personal brand
  • want to share and get my glimpse into some challenges that they face with their clients


The mentorship program usually consist of 3-10 meetings, distributed in a few weeks, so that we can choose our goals, and work around them.

1-hour session costs 50 € 

2-hrs session costs 90 €

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