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I am a yoga teacher, coach and therapist.

Let's find out how yoga can support you!

My name is Karolina, but everyone calls me ‘Karo’ - in Hindi it means ‘to do’. Yes, it says a lot about me already. I love working - especially as a yoga teacher, trainer and yoga therapist - it helps me to stay healthy, inspired, motivated and fulfilled. 

I discovered yoga in 2001, when - as a young girl with ‘type 1 diabetes’ - I was looking for some support for my health. Yoga gave me much more than better medical results - it transformed my life - on a personal and professional level.


Before I became a yoga teacher, and opened an international yoga training centre in 2010 in India, Bali, New Zealand, Ecuador and Germany I was a musician and theatre pedagogue. (To read more click  HERE)


Yoga is my full-time profession, but also a mission. 

As much as I can I always try to share and make my classes, my discoveries, my reflections available for you.


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My newest signature program

Amazing course!

The course was absolutely amazing. Karo is a fantastic teacher, and her team are excellent - everyone was incredibly knowledgeable, the course material was fascinating (meridians, traditional chinese medicine, acupressure, all taught by the fabulous Bruna), we dove deep into the postures and the depths of Yin, dabbled in fascia and myofascial release. It was magical to say the least. Highly recommend!

~ Matt Feczko, UK

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